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When your tropical getaway includes dead guys, a jailbreak, and a shotgun wedding, you can tell it’s no holiday.

Witch Frankie Bonny always knew she had to return to All Hallows Keep, a shifter-run jail for magical folk. She thought breaking IN would be the easy part. But, she’d be wrong, so very wrong.

Being welcomed to the island by a dead man should have been her first clue. Add in more bodies, roving shifter guards and a Betty White lookalike serving up a potion-heavy wedding breakfast, and she’s starting to catch on.

Not that Frankie and Dex, her Jack Russell familiar, are alone. Along for the ride are three vampires, a grandma who’s a little on the hairy side, an explosives expert, a gorgeous merman, oh and a hamster.

Will the team free the innocent and solve the
murders and not get locked up? Or is their trip to All Hallows Keep destined to be one-way?

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