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With her magical powers returning, the world is Frankie's oyster. But which world will she choose? And is the choice even going to be hers.

     Still struggling with the freaky new powers she's inherited from some long-lost - and more than likely alien - relative, Frankie's itching to track down Mimi Merriweather. The octogenarian time-lord is the key to the ultimate fate of her dad, and Frankie wants answers.

     She's going to let nothing stand in the way of finding her dad, or what's left of him. If this means breaking a few coven rules and crossing into a realm where Mimi rules the roost, then
so be it. If she finds more relatives than she's expecting, then she'll deal with it. It's not like she can do worse than the two-faced, conniving pirates she's already found. Can she?

     Join Frankie and Dex on another adventure as they take on Mimi and the Werealls. Never mind that this combo sounds like a sixties pop band, they're a formidable foe and one that will
see Frankie closer to Zane than ever.

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