With a love of chick lit and of the fabulous seventies, I decided to combine the two and my That Seventies Series was born. As the title implies, it's all about the 70s and the challenges facing women at the time.

     But it wasn't all bra burning and doom and gloom, there was a lot of laughter, too. I like to think I've captured this authentically.

     To help get you into a 70s' state of mind, here's a little video I put together. It was so much fun finding the right sort of images and footage. That image of Burt Reynolds was a big hit back in the day - no really, it was.

Sixteen hundred kilos of German engineering. Enough alcohol to preserve a dead wallaby. A crazy woman who’s in possession of both. How’s Brenda going to survive this?

Set in Surfers Paradise, Australia in 1977, against a heady
backdrop of the sexual revolution, gold bikinis, and lots of
sunshine, when a bloke could be rich enough to be viewed
as attractive even if you had to wear a bag over your own
head in case his fell off.

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She’s heart-broken and humiliated. Her revenge has burned bridges and built walls. Will moving 2,582 miles have her love life back on track?

Samantha Bennett has dreamed of a big white wedding since she was a little girl. And she’s so very close to her goal when the dream blows up in her face. Okay, so the cheating skuzzball boyfriend (she’s not bitter, really) hadn’t actually popped the question, but it wasn’t far off.

     After fleeing New Zealand for Melbourne, Australia before her revenge has a chance to hit the proverbial fan, Sam hasn’t completely abandoned her quest to find ‘The One’, when life catches up with a vengeance. 
     Before losing hope completely, she runs into Chris, a local guy, who’s the polar opposite of the two-timing, two-faced, cheating slime-ball back home (okay, maybe a little bitter). Rather, Chris appears loyal, and dependable. Not that Sam is dropping her guard at the first sign of a gorgeous guy. Even if he’s also talented and owns his own home, teeth and hair.
     Will Sam make up her mind before her competition — the disgustingly cute, blonde and incredibly spiteful Pita — makes it up for her? Or will the cops find her first? 

Chocolate-box portraits of lap dogs. Being blackmailed by a Hooray Henry who’s missing a chin. B&D involving a four-inch paint brush. Will Jennie be able to get even without being locked up?

     Rocking up in England, Jennie has to fall back on her long-ignored artistic talents to make ends meet. Painting portraits of the spoiled pooches is weird, but pays a lot more than temp office work. 

     Everything’s rosy until Jennie runs into Rupert Smythe-Brown, an aristocratic prat used to getting his own way, no matter who gets hurt in the process. Jennie’s painted into a corner before something inside her snaps, she turns feral, and Rupert doesn’t know what’s hit him. Well he does, but for once he’s not enjoying it.

     Set in late seventies London when punks liked to superglue unfortunates to the walls of The Embankment and the aristocracy thought nothing of being thrashed for pleasure, Brush With Fame sets a spanking pace.

     This is the second in Andrene Low’s Sexy Seventies Series with humour that’s black, irreverent, and cutting. WARNING: This story follows on from Friday Night Fever and does contain a spoiler.

Historic art thefts and forgeries. Blackmail capable of bringing down a government. Slap and tickle that could prove fatal. Will Brenda ever make a living that doesn’t involve crusty old men?  

Since puberty, Brenda has never had any issues with money. She’s always been more than well cared for by the old guys she’s latched onto. She provides the company and kudos; they provide the cash. 

     Set in London at the end of the seventies, when the country was grappling with the iron rule of Margaret Thatcher, and the economy was in serious need of some CPR, we see Brenda struggling to sort out her own finances. 

      The irony that she’s being screwed out of her recently acquired nest egg by a bloke isn’t lost on her. Not keen on a day job, Brenda opens a school for girls, teaching the gentle art of screwing old chaps out of their spare change. She hopes it pans out, because apart from the financial implications, she doesn’t fancy a love life that’s destined to be littered with dodgy
prostates and emergency CPR. 

      Strapped for Cash is the third in Andrene Low’s Sexy Seventies Series with humour that takes no prisoners—unless that’s what they’re paying for.

A mother who’s putting the hard word on her to get married, and a gene pool that’s ankle deep at best? Will six months in the city be long enough to find a husband who’s not related before the ceremony?

     Out from under their mother’s watchful eye, Janey and her sister Maria are making the most of everything late-seventies Melbourne has to offer. And with Maria’s Catholicism being mainly for show, there’s no one to put the brakes on the lifestyle their mother had hoped to forestall when she’d sent the younger girl along as a chaperone of sorts.
     With the gene pool in their small Victorian country town shallow enough your knees are definitely staying dry, neither wants to waste a minute of their six months in the city. They're on a mission to find husbands who are at least twice-removed relations. If this means a few of their mother’s rules need to be bent, then so be it.
     Shame then it’s them helping a friend that has everything blowing up in their faces, throwing their mission into jeopardy and proving beyond doubt you can say as many hail Marys as you like and it won’t make a blind bit of difference to a bad boy cop who’s on a mission of his own.

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