Frankie's a jinxed witch with Bruce Lee moves. Dex her familiar is a Jack Russell with a small addiction to muffins. Together they're magic.

Not yet over the loss of her mom, Frankie B's in a new city, without family, a home or her full powers. Thank goodness for her familiar, Dex, the best Jack Russell in the world. They're faced with moving into a flea-pit motel, when Dex spots a vacancy at a nearby marina. But this is no ordinary marina, and before they've even had time to finish unpacking, life takes a deadly turn. 

With the ghost of Captain Russell Garnet banished to an island in the Caribbean, Frankie thought she and Dex could get on with life. If only she wasn’t lumbered with a potentially lethal blood hex. Will Frankie break the hex, and find out who killed her mom and dad, or will she die trying? With Dex and Zane her gorgeous merman neighbor at her side, how can she possibly fail?

Still struggling with the freaky new powers she's inherited from some long-lost - and more than likely alien - relative, Frankie's itching to track down Mimi Merriweather. The old-aged time-lord is the key to the ultimate fate of her dad, and Frankie wants answers. Join Frankie and Dex on yet another adventure as they take on Mimi and the Werealls. Never mind that this combo sounds like sixties pop band, they're a formidable foe and one that will see Frankie and Zane closer than ever.

The Winter Solstice is fast approaching, and Frankie Bonny is desperate to spend it with family. Unfortunately, she’s light on relatives, knowing of only three, and two of them are jerks. When her friend Magda Zilonka invites her to spend the holidays with her own family, Frankie leaps at the chance. So what if Magda comes from a long line of vampires, Frankie’s sure she can defend herself if push comes to, ah, bite? 

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