Belle of the Ball

Belle's an elephant who loves to prance
and travels the world simply to dance.
There are heaps of contests that she enters
held in halls and shopping centres.

At the drop of a hat she's into a frock
and dancing polkas round the clock.
Her spins are amazing and tend to be quick
but more than twenty make her sick.

Like all elephants she has a trunk...
in which she packs her clothes and junk.
Stuff a dancer really needs
like superglue and coloured beads.

The glue she spreads behind her ears
to keep them out of chandeliers
and finds it good when on tip toes
at holding up her pantyhose.

But what of those beads I hear you say
a bit of relief from all that grey?
Oh yes it's true, Belle’s skin is boring
and sure to have those judges snoring.

Belle needs to practice; the final’s tonight.
So she struggles into a leotard tight.
She’ll test her moves, including spins
then it's off to bed with vitamins.

But lots of spinning while wearing beads?
One string breaks and off she speeds.
Across the floor just like a skater,
bowling guests and then a waiter.

Belle’s practice ended in disaster
with a knot in her trunk and three legs in plaster.

But the contest’s still on and she wants to win,

so she paints her fourth leg white and hobbles in.

At the start of the dance it doesn’t look good
with a blocked up nose and legs like wood.
But once the orchestra gets underway
she’s into her dancing and doing okay.

And because of the plaster she now has a new move
she can spin on one leg and spin really smooth.
She can keep on spinning for hour upon hour
only stopping for lunch and a shower.

The crowd is wowed by her spinning skills,
they’re cheering and tossing daffodils.
The judges too are most impressed,
both with her spins and how she's dressed.

She wins top spot with her fancy twirls.
It’s just what she needs, a long string of pearls!
Belle stuffs them down the back of a drawer,
she has three legs in plaster and doesn’t need more.