Close to being evicted, this Surfer’s Paradise Meter Maid needs money, and fast. Lucky he’s rolling in it. Not so lucky is the homicidal blonde he's married to doesn't like sharing.

     Brenda’s life isn’t easy. Growing up with parents who were as larcenous as they were stupid, she spent her childhood fending for herself and life hasn’t changed a whole lot since.
     Currently without a man gullible enough to fund her lifestyle she’s one step away from living on the streets, and it’s this that sees her walking the streets as a Surfer’s Paradise Meter Maid. The upside of the job is that the gold lamé bikini she wears as a uniform attracts men like moths to a flame.
     Enter Hilton Taylor, man about town, seemingly rich and definitely gullible. Unfortunately she hasn’t even managed to ‘top up his meter’ when she runs into his wife. Whether it’s the pills Hilton’s wife pops, or the alcohol she washes them down with, she’s Brenda’s worst nightmare; and one that could prove fatal.
     Will Brenda snare Hilton, or will his wife succeed in introducing her to the bumper of that late-model Mercedes she drives? The odds of Brenda surviving, or worse having to get a proper job, aren’t looking good.

A mother who’s putting the hard word on her to get married, and a gene pool that’s ankle deep at best? Will six months in the city be long enough to find a husband who’s not related before the ceremony?

     Out from under their mother’s watchful eye, Janey and her sister Maria are making the most of everything late-seventies Melbourne has to offer. And with Maria’s Catholicism being mainly for show, there’s no one to put the brakes on the lifestyle their mother had hoped to forestall when she’d sent the younger girl along as a chaperone of sorts.
     With the gene pool in their small Victorian country town shallow enough your knees are definitely staying dry, neither wants to waste a minute of their six months in the city. They're on a mission to find husbands who are at least twice-removed relations. If this means a few of their mother’s rules need to be bent, then so be it.
     Shame then it’s them helping a friend that has everything blowing up in their faces, throwing their mission into jeopardy and proving beyond doubt you can say as many hail Marys as you like and it won’t make a blind bit of difference to a bad boy cop who’s on a mission of his own.

Her other half is soft in all the wrong places. She’s on the bones of her arse. Could freedom come in the unlikely form of a jar of pickled onions and a small tartan thermos?

     For primary school teacher Vivienne, life has turned into one long detention. Stuck in a dead-end relationship, nothing’s working, especially Kenny her live-in boyfriend.
     Viv isn’t sure why she snaps that Friday night. Is it that his foreplay will never rate a mention in Cosmo, or her having to spend yet another night on a couch infused with Chinese takeaways?
     Perhaps it’s a bit of both that sees her bolting, reasoning anywhere is better than there. Now all she needs is a new job, a new home and a new life. A piece of cake, right?
     Landing a live-in nanny role sorts two of these. Now all she has to deal with is a seven-year-old who’s an unnatural shade of blue, an over-zealous member of the British slap and tickle club and the rekindling of an old flame.
     Will Viv’s patched-up new life be strong enough to resist her past? Buy it today to see if Viv is able to teach Kenny a lesson he'll never forget.

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