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Lucky Days Cover

Kelly Sanderson is furious about being trapped in Coogan’s Break, away from the bustle of her corporate life in LA. Meanwhile, Zac Thomas loves the beachside community, happy in his job and his single life. Might they both be about to experience a sea change?

Lucky Break Cover

Lily Finnegan never thought she’d move back to Coogan’s Break, and yet here she is flipping a house even the cockroaches are giving the side eye. Meanwhile, Tyler Vance has the skills—and the body—to help her out. The question is, will the house be all that’s flipped by this relationship?

Lucky Color Cover

Daisy Green's working life is a vibrant tapestry of color and fragrance, with the flowers that surround her a source of endless joy. In stark contrast, Josh Kendrick's world is an uninspiring blur of gray and shadow that leaves him unable to see the beauty in everyday life.

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