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So close I can smell it ...


Definitely feel as though I'm getting closer to This Girl's Abroad finally being out of my head and in the marketplace. I've made it to the "Coming Soon" page on the Rebel e-Publishers website and that has made it all feel very real. I'm working on my bio and tidying up the synopsis for when the book goes live. The bit I'm dreading the most is the head shot. I'm photo-phobic with a vengeance. Someone only has to produce a camera for my eyes to half close in readiness for blinking in time with the flash, my mouth drops making me look bloody miserable and I generally look as though rigor mortis is threatening to take over. Basically every photo looks like a passport shot. I'm hoping the photographer is aware of all those tricks that help stretch out crows' feet, that flatten wrinkles and pummel crinkles. A bull-dog clip on the back of my neck might help. It's either that or wear a push up bra with enough padding that my boobs block out any age-related faults in my neck and jawline. Necklace! What necklace? Thank god for friends who have amazing re-touching skills. I'm going to be so airbrushed that my head shot will look more like a painting than a photo. I'm going to be wind-tunnelled to hell and back. Watch this space.

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