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Faced with a potentially-lethal blood hex, should she really be on this crazy treasure hunt? Yes, if finding the gold will break the hex.

     Rid of the ghost of Captain Russell Garnet, Frankie thought she could get on with life, if only she wasn’t lumbered with that pesky blood hex. And if only her troublesome grandmamma — the not so ex-pirate — Anne Bonny hadn’t managed to get herself in a heap of trouble.
     But before any rescue can take place, Frankie needs to get a handle on her new powers. While she’s no longer stuck with housework spells and the occasional ward, her new power levels are unstable at best, and missing completely, at worst.
     Yet again, she’s training with the drop-dead gorgeous Zane, making concentration difficult, especially when the air between them is laced with magic.
     Will Frankie find the gold and break the hex, or will her life be forfeit allowing Captain Garnet to get back to his pillaging ways? With Dex, her familiar, and Zane at her side, how can she fail?

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