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A dead witch, not so recessive shifter genes and a magical cop ready to slap you in irons? Looks as if the curse of the blue moon isn’t the only reason Frankie needs to get out of town.

She isn’t off on vacation, much as she needs one, instead she’s returning to the realm of the Wereall, the race whose shifter blood flows in her veins. If she doesn’t get away before the night of the full moon things are going to get very hairy — including her.

Unfortunately Oliver Wright, the cop assigned to the case, doesn’t want her going anywhere. Much as she’d like to hang around and find out who’s actually responsible for Hayley’s death, she can’t. To do so would be to see her guilty of the crime he’s already accusing her of. At least this is how Nana Peg tells it.

With the cops on her tail — literally — will Frankie
be able to evade capture long enough to find the real killer? She sure hopes so, because if she can’t, she’s going to be stuck eating kitty kibble for a very long time.

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