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1 - The Ghost Ship.jpg
She’s a jinxed witch with Bruce Lee moves. The coven's being haunted and witches are disappearing. Will she be able to save the coven and herself?


Not yet over the loss of her mom, Frankie B's in a new city, without family, a home or her full powers. Thank goodness for her familiar, Dex, the best Jack Russell in the world.
    They're faced with moving into a flea-pit motel, when Dex spots a vacancy at a nearby marina. But this is no ordinary marina, and before they've even had time to finish unpacking, life takes a deadly turn. 
    Will Frankie solve the mystery of the missing witches and rid the coven of the ghost of Captain Russell Garnet? Or will her ability to make him corporeal see her being held as his prisoner until her dying breath? Either way, she's not going down without a fight.
    Frankie B and the Ghost Ship will have you longing to perform magic of your own and maybe even considering a few self-defence classes...

2 - The Blood Hex.jpg
Faced with a potentially-lethal blood hex, should she really be on this crazy treasure hunt? Yes, if finding the gold will break the hex.


Rid of the ghost of Captain Russell Garnet, Frankie thought she could get on with life, if only she wasn’t lumbered with that pesky blood hex. And if only her troublesome grandmamma — the not so ex-pirate — Anne Bonny hadn’t managed to get herself in a heap of trouble.
     But before any rescue can take place, Frankie needs to get a handle on her new powers. While she’s no longer stuck with housework spells and the occasional ward, her new power levels are unstable at best, and missing completely, at worst.
     Yet again, she’s training with the drop-dead gorgeous Zane, making concentration difficult, especially when the air between them is laced with magic.
     Will Frankie find the gold and break the hex, or will her life be forfeit allowing Captain Garnet to get back to his pillaging ways? With Dex, her familiar, and Zane at her side, how can she fail?

3 - All Hallows Keep.jpg
With her magical powers returning, the world is Frankie's oyster. But which world will she choose? And is the choice even going to be hers.


Still struggling with the freaky new powers she's inherited from some long-lost - and more than likely alien - relative, Frankie's itching to track down Mimi Merriweather. The octogenarian time-lord is the key to the ultimate fate of her dad, and Frankie wants answers.

     She's going to let nothing stand in the way of finding her dad, or what's left of him. If this means breaking a few coven rules and crossing into a realm where Mimi rules the roost, then
so be it. If she finds more relatives than she's expecting, then she'll deal with it. It's not like she can do worse than the two-faced, conniving pirates she's already found. Can she?

     Join Frankie and Dex on another adventure as they take on Mimi and the Werealls. Never mind that this combo sounds like a sixties pop band, they're a formidable foe and one that will
see Frankie closer to Zane than ever.

4 - Faerie Lights.jpg
A flying pig, the potential for troll attack, and a vampire with anger issues. What’s not to love about spending time with family over the holidays?


The Winter Solstice is fast approaching, and Frankie Bonny is desperate to spend it with family. Unfortunately, she’s light on relatives, knowing of only three, and two of them are jerks.

      When her friend Magda Zilonka invites her to spend the holidays with her own family, Frankie leaps at the chance. So what if Magda comes from a long line of vampires, Frankie’s sure she can defend herself if push comes to, ah, bite?

      Only after accepting does she discover Zane, her merman boyfriend, can’t attend thanks to an ongoing feud between the Nautilus and Zilonka Clans. Unless, that is, he’s in disguise. And it had better be a good one, because discovery would prove fatal.

      Add to this a stolen relic, newly discovered powers and a drop-dead gorgeous vampire, and for Frankie, this will be a Winter Solstice to remember. Or forget.

5 - Vampires and Valentines.jpg
A love-sick vampire, a comatose merman and a doctor able to conjure rabbits? Valentine’s Day is not looking good for witch Frankie B.


All she wants is to enjoy her first Valentine’s Day with Zane, her boyfriend, but it’s not looking like she’s going to get her wish. With him out for the count and no cure in sight, the only flowers she’ll be holding on the big day will be those in a funeral wreath.

     Not that she’s on her own at Zane’s bedside, with the delectable vampire, Dominik, taking every opportunity to woo her with flowers, chocolates and champagne. Normally Frankie would bask in this attention, but given the circumstances, she’s close to throttling him. Something she’s more than capable of.

     Stronger than ever due to the random powers she’s picked up like stray cats along the way, it’s going to be down to Frankie to fix Zane. She also needs to find out who’s responsible, because if they ultimately fail to murder him this time, she knows they’ll be back.

6 - A Spell in Paradise.jpg
When your tropical getaway includes dead guys, a jailbreak, and a shotgun wedding, you can tell it’s no holiday.

Witch Frankie Bonny always knew she had to return to All Hallows Keep, a shifter-run jail for magical folk. She thought breaking IN would be the easy part. But, she’d be wrong, so very wrong.
     Being welcomed to the island by a dead man should have been her first clue. Add in more bodies, roving shifter guards and a Betty White lookalike serving up a potion-heavy wedding breakfast, and she’s starting to catch on.
     Not that Frankie and Dex, her Jack Russell familiar, are alone. Along for the ride are three vampires, a grandma who’s a little on the hairy side, an explosives expert, a gorgeous merman, oh and a hamster.

     Will the team free the innocent and solve the murders and not get locked up? Or is their trip to All Hallows Keep destined to be one-way?

7 - The Curse of the Blue Moon.jpg
A dead witch, not so recessive shifter genes and a magical cop ready to slap you in irons? Looks as if the curse of the blue moon isn’t the only reason Frankie needs to get out of town.

She isn’t off on vacation, much as she needs one, instead she’s returning to the realm of the Wereall, the race whose shifter blood flows in her veins. If she doesn’t get away before the night of the full moon things are going to get very hairy — including her.

     Unfortunately Oliver Wright, the cop assigned to the case, doesn’t want her going anywhere. Much as she’d like to hang around and find out who’s actually responsible for Hayley’s death, she can’t. To do so would be to see her guilty of the crime he’s already accusing her of. At least this is how Nana Peg tells it.

     With the cops on her tail — literally — will Frankie be able to evade capture long enough to find the real killer? She sure hopes so, because if she can’t, she’s going to be stuck eating kitty kibble for a very long time.

8 - Part-Time Mermaid.jpg
Frankie has never been keen on the beach and her idea of making a big splash, involves a nice, deep soaking tub. 


But, here she is, the wrong side of Nemo, hold the tuna-breath. While she likes the ability to breathe under-water, she isn’t sure about that big old tail.

     Of course she’s just getting used to this when Zane drops a bombshell, or in this case, silver shell. If Frankie knew picking the Vendimori up off the seafloor would activate the curse it’s been infused with, she’d have left it right where it was. Shame she’s a bit of a magpie when it comes to shiny things.

     No sooner has Zane seen her treasure, than the first body floats by. Concerned Zane might be next; Frankie is itching to track down the culprit, even if this means a side trip to Zane’s home island in the Mediterranean.

     At risk of family finding out Frankie isn’t the pure-bred witch required to qualify as Zane’s life partner, and the ever-present risk of dying, this is not your normal home-coming.

9 - House of Hoodoo.jpg
Homework, detention, and even her wedding are on hold. First Frankie Bonny has to find the man who murdered her mom, oh and say yes to a dress.


Life should have been simple at her Aunt Betty’s school for wayward witches. Okay, its proper title is the Hoodoo House, but you get the picture. Never one to follow the rules, Frankie runs afoul of her aunt’s strict rules early on, resulting in a detention she isn’t keen to repeat.

     It’s both a worry and a relief when there’s an attempt made on her aunt’s life with classes, homework, and detention on hold until they can catch the culprit. And if, as Frankie suspects, he’s also the man responsible for her mom’s death, no-one is getting in her way.

     Luckily for her, she’s not alone in this task. She’s got some serious magical muscle backing her up. And even a vampire, or two

9 Book Omnibus.jpg
Now you can binge read the entire series with all nine books together in one bumper read.
Whether you decide to buy it, or read through Kindle Unlimited, you'll definitely be enjoying great value for your money.
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