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Eva De Silva - CEO of the Blood Bond Agency

The Blood Bond Agency

Are you tired of searching for love all night, only to be left drained? Here at BBA, we take the pursuit of marriage seriously, because in the world of vampires, ‘till death do us part’ takes on a whole new meaning.

But fear not, we believe true love is more than eternal, it’s immortal. Embrace the night.

Eva de Silva - Matchmaker

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Dead and Married Front Cover

What’s worse than being framed for murder? For vampire-born matchmaker Eva, this is the least of her worries.

Left holding the fort at her grandmother's marriage agency, Eva De Silva is glad all she has to do is babysit the business until Georgia’s return. Unfortunately, any thoughts of a quiet, stress-free time haemorrhage on her first night.

Three drop-ins, the theft of a dangerous family relic, and being framed for a spate of murdered backpackers is not what she signed up for. Actually, she didn't sign up at all.

If that wasn’t enough, one of the drop-ins is none other than infamous playboy Dominik Zilonka, vampire voted least likely to settle down. So why then is he there? And why is he lying through his fangs about wanting her to find him a wife?

With the business under attack, Eva has to solve the murders, find the family treasure, and ignore one hot bachelor, all while organising a vampire wedding, complete with Bridezilla.

What others are saying:

With a little help Eva just might survive being left in charge

Eva has been left in charge of their vampiric matchmaking agency while her grandmother is away. This should be no problem but problems keep coming up, not all relating to the agency. With the help of her two assistants and a new surprise client can she survive her grandmothers vacation?

Very good book! I loved it! This is book 1 of a new series and I'm anxious to see what the next book will bring. I love the 2 main characters but her 2 assistants are great characters too so I hope to see them again.

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5 Stars icon

Vampire dating agency? Too fun!

I was sold in this book as soon as I saw the premise. C'mon, a vampire dating agency? So much potential for mischief and mayhem. Low did not disappoint. Snappy dialogue, great characters, lots of comic action, some romance, some suspense. Lots of fun!

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Stake and Fries Front Cover

Vampire matchmaker Eva De Silva thought playing cupid for supernatural beings was challenge enough. But then Rosalind Von König came on the scene, and proved her wrong.


Still holding the reins at the Blood Bond Agency in her grandmother’s absence, Eva faces the daunting task of finding happiness for Rosalind. And with a dating history that's strewn with bodies, this vampire’s journey to wedded bliss is proving more perilous than most.

As Eva does her best to see Rosalind settled, a shocking murder at the Milota Grand has her replacing the search for true love with a bone-chilling mystery. Amid the chaos, Eva finds solace in her bond with Dominik Zilonka. It’s a complicated connection forged by accident, but that is unwavering, for now.

In this race against time, the stakes are higher, the dangers real, and the shadow of uncertainty looms large. Will Eva and Dominik discover the mastermind behind this lethal game of love and death before it’s too late?

Or will death claim love yet again?

DUE OUT 2024

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