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Dead backpackers, a stolen heirloom, and a wedding to arrange?

Welcome to the Blood Bond Agency, where we take finding your perfect undead mate very seriously.

Left holding the fort at her grandmother's marriage agency, vampire-born Eva De Silva is glad all she’s got to do is babysit the business until Georgia De Silva’s return.

Unfortunately, any thoughts of a quiet, stress-free time haemorrhage on her first night in the hot seat. Three drop-ins, the theft of a priceless family relic, and being framed for a spate of murdered backpackers is not what she signed up for.

If that wasn’t enough, one of the drop-ins is none other than infamous playboy Dominik Zilonka, vampire voted least likely to settle down. So why then is he there? And why is he lying through his fangs about wanting her to find him a wife?

Will Eva recover the family heirloom and find the real murderer before she’s convicted of a crime she didn’t commit? Or will she be responsible for Dominik being locked up in her stead? With her feelings toward him being what they are, she’s not keen on either option.

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