The end of an era...

Sadly Jasmine has crossed over the rainbow bridge. One of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make, but definitely one of the best. Run free, Jasmine.

What's coming up for Frankie and Dex...

Frankie has never been keen on the beach and her idea of making a big splash, involves a nice, deep soaking tub. And she’s sure as heck never sprouted scales while sitting in one of those!


But, here she is, the wrong side of Nemo, hold the tuna-breath. While she likes the ability to breathe under-water, she isn’t sure about that big old tail. She’s never been this broad across the beam.


Of course she’s just getting used to this when Zane drops a bombshell, or in this case, silver shell. If Frankie knew picking the Vendimori up off the seafloor would activate the curse it’s been infused with, she’d have left it right where it was. Shame she’s a bit of a magpie when it comes to shiny things.


No sooner has Zane seen her treasure, than the first body floats by. Concerned Zane might be next; Frankie is itching to track down the culprit, even if this means a side trip to Zane’s home island in the Mediterranean.


At risk of family finding out Frankie isn’t the pure-bred witch required to qualify as Zane’s life partner, and the ever-present risk of dying, this is not your normal home-coming.

What I've been reading

Another wonderful read from this author. She paints her flawed characters so perfectly that you can't help falling in love with them. Also loved the over-arching sense of dread whereby I knew something was coming up, but didn't have a clue what. Color me surprised with the twist I never saw coming. Definitely check this out.

The hardest thing I find with books by Elise Noble is not devouring them in a single sitting. Yet again she's written an action-packed, romantic story full of characters you'll love and a few you won't. But don't worry, they get their comeuppance, they always do.

Check out all my recommended reads, by clicking through to BookBub. Remember, If I don't like it, I don't recommend it.

I must be doing something right

If I'd known my original covers and titles had a street value like this, I'd be charging more for them down at the Magpie Market in Meeanee. Doubt I'd be selling as many as I do, though. I'll soon be selling the new covers as I'm just about out of the originals. Imagine how much they'll be worth then! :) 

What's on my TBR Pile

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