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From covert housework spells to communicating with animals, Frankie's unique abilities lead her into a world where the paranormal and the mundane collide. Can she unravel the mysteries that lie beneath the surface of her marina community, all while balancing her newfound powers with the demands of everyday life? Can she cope with Zane, her drop-dead gorgeous neighbor and whatever he's up to? There's something fishy about him she can't put her finger on, even if she'd like to. Boy, would she ever.

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The Ghost Ship Cover

She’s a jinxed witch with Bruce Lee moves. The coven's being haunted and witches are disappearing. Will she be able to save the coven and herself?

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The Blood Hex Cover

Faced with a potentially-lethal blood hex, should Frankie really be on this crazy treasure hunt? Yes, if finding the gold will help her break the hex.

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All Hallows Keep Cover

With her magical powers returning, the world is Frankie's oyster. But which world will she choose? And is the choice even going to be hers.

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Faerie Lights Cover

A flying pig, the potential for troll attack, and a vampire with anger issues. What’s not to love about spending time with family over the holidays?

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Vampires and Valentines Cover

A love-sick vampire, a comatose merman and a doctor able to conjure rabbits? Valentine’s Day is definitely not looking good for witch Frankie 

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A Spell in Paradise Cover

When your tropical getaway includes dead guys, breaking someone out of All Hallows Keep, and a shotgun wedding, you can tell it’s no holiday.

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Cursr of the Blue Moon Cover

A dead witch, not so recessive shifter genes and a magical cop ready to slap you in irons? Looks as if Frankie needs to get out of town, and fast.

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Part-Time Mermaid Cover

Frankie has never been keen on the beach and her idea of making a big splash, involves a nice, deep soaking tub. But, here she is, the wrong side of Nemo, hold the tuna beath.

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House of Hoodoo

Homework, detention, and even her wedding are on hold. First Frankie Bonny has to find the man who murdered her mom, oh and say yes to a dress.

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Marina Witches Mysteries Boxed Set

For those of you who love a binge read, grab the complete series and save while you're at it. Over 1600 pages of magic and mystery with Frankie and Dex.

If you've ever wondered what Frankie and Dex Bonny look like, then wonder no more
Photo of Frankie Bonny
Photo of Dex Bonny
Photo of Frankie Bonny at the marina
Close up of Frankie Bonny
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