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1 - Surf Break V5.jpg

She’s a librarian with hidden depths. He’s a pro-surfer with no fixed abode. Can opposites attract when their long held desires finally bubble to the surface?



I’m a bookworm, which sees me working at the local library to feed my addiction. But there’s more to me than my nerdy exterior, a lot more.



I’ve always loved my life on the road, of chasing the surf, and being free. Of late though, I’ve been longing for something more permanent, a home of my own.


2 - Break Down V5.jpg

She’s a pastry chef with a sweet tooth. He’s a veteran who’s good with his hands, like really good. Can opposites attract when their worlds collide?



My life is pies. Sweet pies, savory pies, pies of every shape and size. But much as I love a good pastry, there’s something else I’d rather sink my teeth into.



There are pluses to owning your own business, even if it is only you and a tow truck. The biggest plus of late is how often I’ve had to rescue Sky Fraser thanks to that dodgy car of hers.


3 - Break Free V5.jpg

She’s an accountant who likes order. He’s a bounty hunter whose world is chaotic and dangerous. Can opposites attract when his world knocks on her door?



I’ve always craved balance in my life. It’s why I’m an accountant. On leaving the office that Friday night, I never could have imagined I’d end up with someone like Chase Hunter in my tiny kitchen.



I like to call myself a bailsman rather than a bounty hunter, and yeah I’ve heard all the jokes about my name. What isn’t a joke is ending up in the world’s smallest kitchen facing down an irate temptress.


1 - Fire Break V6.jpg

She’s all about body positivity, refusing to hide her curves any longer. He’s all about hiding from the world, his past, and especially the future.



I’m the queen of jingles, something that should see me spending all my time locked in a sound-proof booth. I’m sure it’s where Logan Young would prefer I stay. 



I like my own company all while protecting the forest, people’s homes, and even myself. I’m starting to think Mandy Gibson might be a bigger threat than fire.


5 - Break Rank V5.jpg

She’s never gotten over that first love, instead devoting herself to her business. Meanwhile, his career is over, although not through any fault of his own.

I’ve always had green thumbs, to the point I’ve now made a business out of it. The only thing I don’t seem to be able to grow, is a relationship.

I’ve been trained to hurt, but those days are over for me. Budget cuts and a commanding officer that I didn’t always agree with have seen to that.


6 - Break Even V5.jpg

She needs a lucky break if she’s to avoid living in her car. He’s been relegated to running one of the family’s smaller casinos. Could a relationship be a gamble that pays off for both of them?


I thought moving to Coogan’s Break would be my lucky break. Three months in and I’m close to living in my car. Entering the casino at Maddigan’s Resort and Spa, I'm hoping for a small payout. But, could Liam Maddigan prove himself my ultimate jackpot?


I can’t believe I’m stuck in Coogan’s Break. My father said it was time for me to grow up, leave my playboy lifestyle behind and settle down. I’ve been here just over two months and it’s killing me. Then I spot Donna Wilder. Could it be life is about to get interesting?



Boxed Set Perspective.png

Who doesn't love a six pack? Especially one where you can binge read the first six in the Coogan's Break Series AND save money while you're about it.



7 - Jail Break V5.jpg

She’s a homebody who’s inherited her great aunt’s crumbling mansion. He’s decided the view from a prison cell isn’t to his liking. Will this pair escape together?

On hearing I'd inherited my Aunt Bella’s home overlooking Coogan’s Break, I couldn’t believe my luck.  After moving in I discover there’s been no maintenance in years. Fortunately, the spectacular views help soften this blow. Best of all is the morning I spot Ethan Hunter sneaking in so he can use my aunt’s outdoor bathtub.

Coogan’s Break, the scene of many a youthful escapade, and some downright stupid crap I should never have got involved in.  When Lindsey Abbott grabs my clothes while I'm in the tub, I’m glad the water is cold enough to hide my response. I don’t need this—make that her—in my life right now.


8 - Break Loose V5.jpg

She’s a lawyer who’s questioning the toll her career is taking. He’s already faced the consequences of an all-consuming profession. Will these two help each other discover there’s more to life than work?


I’m on the way to making partner at my law firm, and yet I’m no longer sure it’s what I want.  Any thoughts of work flee when I visit the Dynamic Five Dance Studio and spot Andrew Huxley. If I thought he was handsome through opera glasses, it’s nothing compared to up close and in the flesh.


I’ve finally accepted my life as a dancer is over. If I was a racehorse, they would have shot me that night in New York. However, when I spot Angela Bennington at the dance studio I now own, her womanly curves, coupled with a body that moves like silk, and I'm burning to hold her in my arms.


9 - Break of Day.jpg

She’s a doggy daycare owner who’s being run ragged by her charges. He’s a personal trainer who loves a challenge. Who’ll be the first to lie down and roll over when they get together?


I can’t ignore the ache in my knees any longer. Then my Doctor says ‘absolutely not’ to my request for cortisone injections. Nope, she’s got something far more painful in mind. We haven’t even started our first training session when my heart rate is already through the roof. I hope he knows mouth-to-mouth.


When my big sister says she’s recommended me as a personal trainer, I’m annoyed, until I see my new client. I wouldn’t change a thing about this woman; with her gorgeous curves, she's perfect in my eyes. I’ve got a month to prove I’m the right man for her and with pup Stella at my side, how can I fail?


10 - Tough Break.jpg

She’s a plus-size model who’s in danger of having her career and life derailed. He’s in the business of making sure people play nice, whether they want to, or not.


I should be out celebrating making the cover of Sports Fan Magazine, and in a bikini, no less. Instead, I’m hiding out in my hotel room, jumping at the slightest sound. That all changes when I meet Wyatt Cassidy. He’s tough, he’s hot, and he’s confident, especially about his ability to keep me safe.


When my boss at Maddigan’s Resort and Spa says he has a special assignment for me, he isn’t kidding. However, Phoebe Jackson is more than special. She’s perfect. Perfect for me, that is. Unfortunately, I'm not the only one who thinks so, with her other admirer at the very top of the crazy list.


11 - Jolly Break.jpg

She loves everything about Christmas. He’s more bah humbug about the season. Will sparks fly when the elf in charge of illuminations and the electrician connect?

I love Christmas in California. I love the fake snow, the eggnog, the music, but I especially love the lights. Lucien Davis sure as heck isn’t happy about my design choices this year, mind you, he’s never happy. Nope, he’s grumpy with a capital G. It’s a good thing he’s also G for gorgeous.


I don’t get the appeal. To me, Christmas is just another day, one where I’ll get more call-outs than usual. What is it about folks overloading their electrical panels at this time of year? On seeing Natasha Frank skating around on the roof of the Coogan's Break Welcome Center, I come close to blowing a fuse of my own. 


12 - Break Away - Option B.jpg

She spends her days making jewelry. He’s happier working with wood. Are they destined to build a life together, or will his past get in their way?


The first time I see Brad McKenna, he's out cold. and naked because I backhanded him with a tennis racket. Hey, I thought he was a burglar.


On coming to and seeing Macie Hart for the first time in the flesh, I think with her in my life I have a chance of being a better man, an honest one.


Six Pack - Books 7-12 - 3D.png

Who doesn't love a six pack? Especially one where you can binge read the first six in the Coogan's Break Series AND save money while you're about it.



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