Andrene Low writing as Hope Malone
If you like your stories short and steamy, you’ll love The Coogan's Break Series from Hope Malone. These are curvy woman, opposites attract, standalone romances. There’s a guaranteed HEA with no cheating and no cliffhangers. They only take about an hour or so to read, so they're perfect when you're short on time, but long for romance.
Surf Break Blue.jpg

She’s a librarian with hidden depths. He’s a pro-surfer with no fixed abode. Can opposites attract when their long held desires finally bubble to the surface?



I’m a bookworm, which sees me working at the local library to feed my addiction. But there’s more to me than my nerdy exterior, a lot more.



I’ve always loved my life on the road, of chasing the surf, and being free. Of late though, I’ve been longing for something more permanent, a home of my own.


Break Down.jpg

She’s a pastry chef with a sweet tooth. He’s a veteran who’s good with his hands, like really good. Can opposites attract when their worlds collide?



My life is pies. Sweet pies, savory pies, pies of every shape and size. But much as I love a good pastry, there’s something else I’d rather sink my teeth into.



There are pluses to owning your own business, even if it is only you and a tow truck. The biggest plus of late is how often I’ve had to rescue Sky Fraser thanks to that dodgy car of hers.


Break Free.jpg

She’s an accountant who likes order. He’s a bounty hunter whose world is chaotic and dangerous. Can opposites attract when his world knocks on her door?



I’ve always craved balance in my life. It’s why I’m an accountant. On leaving the office that Friday night, I never could have imagined I’d end up with someone like Chase Hunter in my tiny kitchen.



I like to call myself a bailsman rather than a bounty hunter, and yeah I’ve heard all the jokes about my name. What isn’t a joke is ending up in the world’s smallest kitchen facing down an irate temptress.