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Henry thought he'd hit the jackpot with his fixer-upper, but that was before he uncovered a body hidden in one wall. There wasn't a chance the guy had gone gentle into that good night. Kicking and screaming and without teeth and fingerprints was Henry's summation.


The other thing he'd unearthed on reporting his grisly find was a decades -old vendetta. One that saw him at odds with Police Chief Stan Baker, the guy heading up the investigation, and the jerk determined to charge Henry with the murder. But why? Because this went way past high school bullying.


Lucky for Henry, he wasn't alone in trying to clear his name, with Jed his offsider, lawyer Belinda Wanamaker, and decrepit private investigator Ervine Wallace along for the ride. Was the place going to be a flip or flop? Or would it prove to be the goldmine Henry always knew it to be?

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"When you say you're willing to do anything to lose the weight, do you really mean it?"

Desperate people make stupid choices, and Marilyn Channing is no exception. Emerging from the wreckage of a messy divorce, she's determined to lose the weight gained from twenty years spent swallowing her pride.

Enter The Vale, a spa nestled deep in the bush, miles from temptation, miles from help. In return, the retreat promises spectacular weight loss and a respite from the chaos of everyday life. It all sounds so lovely and supportive, so deceptively easy.

Marilyn should have read the fine print.

Because more terrifying than what's on the other side of the razor-wire perimeter fence, is Candice Hawkie. As malevolent as she is thin, the spa's manager has tapped into the abyss of humanity's darkest desires, one in which everything has a price, even death.

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Talented artist Paige Masters is trapped in a prison of her own choosing. It doesn’t matter that it’s architecturally-designed with stunning views, it’s still a prison.

With de facto partner, Greg Walker, chipping away at her self-worth, she needs to get out while she still can. Away from the sniping, the comments on her mental health, her appearance and, most damaging of all, her art.


If he takes that, she’s got nothing.

Without friends or family thanks to a flurry of no-shows or Greg insulting them, Paige is on her own. So, when in a bizarre twist of fate she’s gifted someone else’s life, she doesn’t think twice.


Dumped on an island with eleven strangers, she finds herself in the middle of the top-rated reality TV show, Natural Selection.


Week one and thanks to the show's much-touted THERE'S NOWHERE TO HIDE, Paige is close to losing her mind. Week two and the biggest challenge isn't losing her mind, it's losing her life.

With the top prize on the line, does she come clean about what she's found? Or will she have to sacrifice her true self and her past in order to survive?

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