Sixteen hundred kilos of German engineering. Enough alcohol to preserve a dead wallaby. A crazy woman who’s in possession of both. How’s Brenda going to survive this?

     Set in Surfers Paradise, Australia in 1977, against a heady backdrop of the sexual revolution, gold bikinis, and lots of sunshine, when a bloke could be rich enough to be viewed as attractive even if you had to wear a bag over your own head in case his fell off.
     Okay, so Hilton isn’t the only thing stopping Brenda from being hungry and homeless, but then working as a famous Surfers Paradise Meter Maid to make ends meet hadn’t been high on her list of life goals, either. She’s fine strutting around town in a gold lamé bikini, tiara, and sash, but doing so while wearing heels has her feet crying out for relief. If it wasn’t for the excellent opportunities it provided for spotting willing ‘targets’, she’d have given it up long ago.
     Heels and a Tiara is a prequel novella to Andrene’s That Seventies Series and is a no-holds-barred look at the less than salubrious parts of the Gold Coast.




What others are saying:

“I went into this book knowing it was only a short prequel. I knew that when I bought it. That doesn't mean that I'm happy about it being so short! GIVE ME MORE! I want more stories about being a meter maid wearing a gold bikini. I want more close calls. I want more disastrous liaisons. Damn it, I wanted this to be a longer book. It's too good to be so short. Funny, nostalgic, but too short... ;)”

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Check out the first chapter of my paranormal cozy mystery, COFFIN FOR TWO. Would love to hear what you think of it. Apologies for any typos that have made it through, this is yet to go through an editor (one who's up with the play on American English). Click on the cover to receive your sneak peek PDF.

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