You have got to be kidding me!

That moment when you’ve just gotten your publisher to take all your books off Kindle Unlimited and you read a book by a very successful indie author who recommends keeping your books on there and then goes on to explain why very convincingly.

Yeah, that!

The author who dished out this very interesting advice is Chris Fox, in Six Figure Author, a how-to book on the possibility of actually making a living from your writing. The guy’s a nerd and understands the programming used by Amazon far more than your average mere mortal.

I often liken Amazon’s ranking system to something that should be covered in a Dark Arts class at Hogwarts. Completely unbelievable unless you accept that there is magic involved. Unfortunately when it comes to wand work, my tent is firmly pitched in the Muggle camp. However, having said all that (some may call it a mild rant) Chris does explain how the Amazon sales machine works and why it works better than the other platforms available to authors.

They say knowledge is power and so I’m hoping that by using the advice Chris shares along with what I’ve learnt about FaceBook ads from Mark Dawson on his free webinar series, that I’ll be able to combine the two and get my sales figures climbing to a level less likely to have me ripping my hair out.

Watch this space.

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