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Par for the course

If there's one thing lock down taught me, it's that if you practice something enough, it pays off. Case in point would me improving my 'golf' swing to the point I could tee off next to the garage and, using a pitching wedge, get one of the cat's mini tennis balls onto the 'green' in the kitchen (without breaking anything). Hey, it was better than suffering from cabin fever.

Of course, my time would have been better spent writing. But, that's the funny thing about creative pursuits, you don't always have control over when the muse will hit. Sure, there's the theory that if you just sit down and write, that the words will come. And to an extent, they do. And they did.

It's whether they're any good that's the issue. And if there's one thing you can't force, it's humour. Which is a shame as most of my titles have humour in them, even DietVale, my horror/suspense novel.

Thankfully, I'm back into the swing of things these days and am close to finishing up the first in a new paranormal cozy series. It's been a hoot to write and I'm hoping it will be as much fun to read. It'll definitely be something you can get your teeth into.

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