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Frankie B: The Witch Who Could

Life as a writer can be a solitary and intense journey, with the mind often delving into dark and challenging themes. But as any writer knows, sometimes you need a break, a respite from the heavy weight of your own imagination. For me, that escape came via a paranormal cozy mystery series. Little did I know that this whimsical world of magic and mystery would soon become an enchanting and all-consuming part of my life.

I’d been immersing myself in creating a dark and intense novel with elements of horror. That story had me writing about profound struggles and complex dilemmas, requiring my utmost attention and empathy. To give myself a break from the relentless emotional rollercoaster, I started my Marina Witches Mysteries as a side project.

I filled the storylines with crazy spells, enchanting potions, and humorous misunderstandings. It was a delightful contrast to the bleak world I had been creating in Diet Vale, my other novel.

In the early days of crafting the series, my characters were just ink and paper—or rather, pixels on a screen. But as I wrote, and the series unfolded, these characters took on a life of their own. They were no longer mere figments of my imagination; they became friends, confidants, and even irritations.

As I delved deeper, an unexpected thing happened. My time with these enchanting characters eclipsed the hours I spent on my darker novel. It was as if I had unwittingly opened a door to another world, and I couldn’t resist stepping through it.

The marina and its magical inhabitants became a source of comfort and joy, with me daydreaming about their next magical mishap. These characters were now as real to me as my family and friends, and I cherished the moments I spent in their company.

Fiction has the incredible ability to transport us to worlds where the impossible becomes possible. And while I can’t wave a magic wand and fix all my problems, storytelling has a magic all its own.

My Marina Witches Mysteries series may have taken over my life, but it did so with a loving and bewitching charm. These characters and their world will forever hold a special place in my heart. They remind me of the power of imagination and the beauty of crafting stories that offer enchantment and solace in a world that sometimes needs a little more magic.


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